Current Exhibition

Portraits of African American Civil War Soldiers 

After viewing an antique photo album of 17 black soldiers from the Civil War, artist Shane Davidson researched, created a family tree, wrote a biography, and a colored pencil portrait of each man.  Sumner Hall is delighted to share this inspiring exhibition through October, 2018.



In 2017 and 2018 Legacy Day paid tribute to the African American educators in Kent County’s segregated schools and the black and white students who participated in the transition from segregated to integrated schools.  The new display at Sumner Hall brings together these two exhibits to tell this important historical story in a fuller context.  It is a narrative that is sometimes inspiring, sometimes heartbreaking, but always challenging.  Showing the two exhibits together reveals some common themes in the recollections of former teachers and African American students, as identified in two new posters.  It also allowed us to include the recollections of five more students who were not included in this year’s exhibit at the Kent County Historical Society.