Members are the lifeblood of Sumner Hall. They provide funds to support our basic operating expenses and their memberships serve as testimonials to our relevance. The list of our current individual and organizational members is posted at Sumner Hall and listed below.   Please support Sumner Hall by becoming an individual or organizational member!

Current Individual Members

Jane Barrett
Penny & Jim Block
James Bogden & Charles Taylor
Anne Bricker
Peggy & John Christie
Muriel Cole
Wendy Costa
Genevieve Croker
Catherine & Anthony D’Elia
Linda & Philip Dutton
Sallie Findley & Gene Nelson
Barbara & David Foster
Jeremy Foster
Lucia Foster
Marian & Edwin Fry
Liz Gross
Carolyne & Leo Haslbeck
Charlotte Hawes
Deborah Holden
Joan Horsey
Yvette Hynson
Barbara in den Bosch
Gayle & Robert Ingersoll
Nina Johnson & Arthur Wright
Ruby & Allen Johnson
Susan & Simon Kenyon
Kay B. Klein
Alisha Knight
Judy Kohl
Guss Leager
Kay & Bill MacIntosh
Carla & Al Massoni
Samuel Moore
Milford Murray
Carol Niemand
Patrick Nugent
Patricia & Vic Pfeiffer
Rita & Dan Premo
Leslie Prince Raimond
Larry Samuels
Cheryl & James Saunders
Lani & Dan Seikaly
Sue Shawhan
Jeanette Sherbondy & Simeon Shoge
Christina & Paul Showalter
Lisa Street
Madelaine & Ralph Surette
Joanne & Matthew Tobriner
Cheryl Vauls
Elke Wiedemann
Jean & James Wortman

Current Organizational Members

Chesapeake Bank & Trust – Lucretia Thomas Kennard Level
Phoenix Initiatives – Mary Ann Shadd Cary Level
Silver Hill Farms– Mary Ann Shadd Cary Level