Our Mission

Our mission is to preserve Sumner Hall as a place of remembrance, to promote an understanding of the African American experience within the context of American history and culture, to honor the contributions of African American veterans, to promote the pursuit of liberty for all, and to advocate for social justice. We envision a time when Sumner Hall is recognized, locally and nationally, as a premier showcase for the African American experience on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

Sumner Hall celebrates black cultural heritage of the past to create bright possibilities for the future. Our programs, activities and initiatives advance our mission:

Definition and Development of the Museum
1. A place that pays tribute to and tells the story of the founder of Charles Sumner Post #25, Grand Army of the Republic
2. A site that preserves artifacts, presents exhibitions, displays art works, and offers cultural programs that reflect our mission
3. A museum of the future – utilizing digital displays and cutting-edge display techniques
4. A “living museum” that engages and re-engages visitors

Definition and Development of Public Programming
1. Develop programs that raise cultural awareness that African American History is an integral part of American History
2. Provide historical, educational, artistic and cultural programs to engage and serve participants of varying ages, interests and walks of life
3. Showcase the works of African American artists, historians and thinkers

Preservation and Maintenance of Our Historic Building
1. Assess maintenance needs
2. Establish Building Preservation Fund
3. Explore national recognition as an official “Site of Remembrance” of the U.S. Park Service